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About: David Tuinzing

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David believes that collaboration between urban stakeholders is the key factor to a smart city. David advises, teaches and writes about collaborative urbanism, networked cities, change management, and social & economic development. His career combines academia and practice in consultancy projects, and involves forging partnerships between sectors, systems, projects and people.

He developed several urban recipes for urban areas like Rotterdam Central District, Kop van Zuid (Wilhelminapier), and the city of Leiden. Through studies at the University of Groningen, David has expertise and interests of both technical (spatial science) and economic (Msc. RE) systems in the city.

The “highline” of antwerp.

What used to be a rail track and depot is now a days a park area with high standard of public space and program! When in Antwerp, do visite the Spoor Park Noord!!
A great value for the noord (north) district of Antwerp. Nice (green / blue) public spaces and programs do rise the quality of living and real estate prices.

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